Jiangyue Zhu

Impossible is Nothing

Tycho Visualization

Tycho visualization is a web application which aims to visualize medical data by using several open source visualization APIs. The data source is stored in Microsoft SQL Server database.

The core feature of this visualization is to provide a dashboard for users to view different results from different widgets. In the dashboard, there are several charts integrated, including line chart, pie chart, gauge chart… And each chart has its own data concentration, which can shows different prospect of the current data.

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I made the last two views in the dashboard: SIMILE view and Motion chart view.

SIMILE view is a visualization which used SIMILE widget API (developed by a group of students from MIT). This view consists of three module: map view(focused on location and number of people involved), timeline view(focused on time), and table view(provide table list with sort option).

Motion chart view is a kind of animation which was integrated into the application in 2011 summer. It was implemented by using Google Motion Chart API. Users can select criteria firstly, and then click play to watch the data animation.

Live Project

Technical Skills:

PHP, Microsoft SQL Server, HTML, CSS, JQuery


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