Jiangyue Zhu

Impossible is Nothing

QuizGuide Progressor

QuizGuide Progressor is an Android Application which is a mobile version of Progressor, which shows students study progress. This application was developed in Android platform with 2.3 version. The main features include users can view their current progress in each topic, view the ranking list in each topic, compare progress with class average level, compare with selected classmate.

The reason why the comparison feature is needed isthat, the 1 vs. 1 comparison and the ranking list can really motivate students to work harder. With the ranking list and the comparison feature, students can realize what his/her position is in the scope of this class.

In the comparison page, users can easily use finger to flip the screen in order to change students rather than going back to previous activity. When user flip to left/right, the comparison results would be changed to next/previous student respectively.

I made the implementation part of the topic list, ranking list+seek bar and comparison

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Technical Skills:

Android development (Android SDK on Eclipse), Java, JSON (the data format which the web service generates)


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